• Intranet

    Here will be contents of items for internal 3DGI use, that require a login to read or edit them.

    How the Access Control Works

    The access is controlled with a help of the UAM plugin. In UAM first the user groups must be created. Then the users must be assigned to the groups, by changing each user’s details (at the moment this must be done with Mads Peter help, due to WordPress issues). An alternative approach is to associate a particular inbuilt WordPress user role (editor, contributor etc.) with a group in the UAM plugin.

    The content’s access control is configured by editing properties of categories, posts or pages. When a such items is edited, there will be a list of the existing user groups under a category “Access” on the right side of the page. Check the “Screen Options” at the top of the dashboard if you cannot see the mentioned “Access” list.

    The pages a marked with a special tag (at the moment – “[Intranet]”) if you are allowed to see this restricted access contents. The restricted content will not be shown at all (in categories, home page or menu)  to not logged-in or users that are not permitted to see this content.

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