This was the spin off project of the entire Centre for 3DGI. The motivation for the project was to build a platform for a virtual model of the world (model-map) and in particular of North Jutland. This model-map is than supposed to be used as a new spatial visualization platform, where all kinds of information and visual aspects like for instance planning issues can be presented. The goal was to build a landscape model with as many features as possible including buildings, vegetation roads, etc. We wanted to be able to represent those features as objects in a database and being able to navigate through them visually in real time. Together with the geometry of the objects it is possible to retrieve information or use functionality that are associated with the features. The feature can be pointed at and selected in a 3d view on a display system. The system developed for that purpose goes under the name of GRIFINOR, which is a name decided during the project.

    Project has finished in 2006.

    For more information consult search engine results: G@Altavista, G@A9, G@MSN, G@Teoma, G@Clusty, G@AOL, G@Gigablast, G@Yahoo, G@Google

    In 2006 AAU has provided a shared copyright to its authors in favor of liberating its further development. AAU claimed GRIFINOR being its first software package for which copyright was officially granted in favor of FOSS.

    GRIFINOR is maintained as FOSS project by Jan Kolar at http://www.grifinor.net/.

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