• EnergyCity Frederikshavn

    The scope of this 3DGI project was to provide an interactive 3D city-model of Fredrikshavn presenting energy demands of the city. We contributed as a partner in a larger, ambitious project of Fredrikshavn municipality, Denmark. More about the main project here (in Danish only).

    Project period: June 2008 to December 2009.
    For more information about the project please contact Erik Kjems.

    The project was presented as part of the Energy City Frederikshavn booth at the Bright Green Exhibition of the COP15 conference in Copenhagen December 2009. The 3DGI team of developers from Ballerup and Aalborg were sampled together on this photo: From left: Jan Kolar, Erik Kjems, Vasu Gowda, Wan Wen, Peter Skotte and Lars Bodum.

    The following documents in Danish explain more about the content and the application developed:
    Energibyen Frederikshavn –
    Scenarier for 100% vedvarende energi i år 2015
    Potentiale for varmebesparelser og udvidelse af fjernvarmeområder
    Visualisering og systemanalyse

    The 3D city-model application

    Purpose: Show simulation of selected energy resources and their relationships to energy demand in context of a 3d city model.
    Usage: Change scenario parameters, apply scenario, analyze, calculated/active scenario in time, change perspectives.

    Application Control Keys:

    • Wind turbines: Up, Down, Right, Left, N, M
    • Solar panels: SHIFT + ( Up, Down )
    • Power usage: CTRL + (Up, Down, R )
    • Heat Usage: ALT + ( Up, Down, R )
    • Green transport: CTRL+ALT + ( Up, Down )
    • Biomass: CTRL+SHIFT + ( Up, Down)

    Mouse actions

    • Release / Lock free motion: ESC button
    • Look around: Left mouse button
    • Accelerate movement forward or backwards: Push scroll wheel and move mouse forward or backward
    • Zoom: Role scroll wheel
    • Up or down: Right mouse button
    • Stop all movement (Panic button): Spacebar
    • Press 1: Back to start view
    • Press 0: Increase mouse intensity
    • Press 9: Decrease mouse intensity
    • Press Q: QUIT

    Try the application

    Requirements: Java 1.6+, WebStart, 3D graphics support.
    Idea: Erik Kjems, Jan Kolar, Poul Østergaard
    Development Lead: Jan Kolar, Erik Kjems, Poul Østergaard
    Authors (this version): Jan Kolar, Wan Wen, Vasu Gowda, Thorkild Sørensen, Peter Skotte, Erik Kjems
    Deployment: Vasu Gowda
    Project & Acknowledgment: EnergyCity Fredrikshavn (2009)

    Availability: The Open source repository can be found at grifinor.net

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