Giox is a full featured operating system based on a liberal software technology. Giox is an evolutionary distribution of geographic software tools and Linux technology.

    The main goal is to relief research and education from constraints, pressure and disturbances posed by commercial sector producing proprietary software technology.

    Primarily by avoiding cumbersome licensing issues, by allowing to distribute tools freely to others (colleagues, students etc.), ability to study and modify internals of the tools, and saving lots of money and administrative procedures to your institution. Giox aims to facilitate more focused work for both researchers, students and teachers, primarily in the field of geo-informatics.

    Giox allows to pinpoint the fundamental cornerstones of geo-information technology, demonstrate them in practice using fully functional tools, which can also be applied in businesses. Giox intention is to empower its users to a greater creativity in the field of geo-information technology to an extent that is limited only by abilities of the researchers, teachers and students.

    Technically you just need to download the ISO file, burn it on a CD, and boot your computer from that CD. There is NO need for installation or other kind of preliminary operations. Giox can run on any PC or Mac computer with x86 processor architecture regardless whether other OS system is installed on it or not.

    This is an ongoing initiative. Contributions or comments are welcome at kolda@grifinor.net.