• People

    This picture was taken in connection with our participation at the 3D GeoInfo Conference in Seoul 2008. From left: Lars Bodum, Wan Wen, Kan Kolar and Erik Kjems

    The members of 3DGI are divided into two groups depending on whether they are employees at Aalborg University or not. All members have been working within the 3DGI Centre and contributed to the overall development of the GRIFIN platform in different ways.

    AAU members

    Name Position
    Erik Kjems Associate Prof. – Director of 3DGI
    Lars Bodum Associate Prof. – Head of dept.
    Wan Wen PhD Student
    Jaume Dominguez Faus PhD Student
    Peter Skotte VR designer







    Affiliated members

    Name Company
    Jan Kolar Freelance developer
    Le Thanh Vu Freelance developer
    Vasu Gowda Developer at CEPT
    Lukas Bruha Charles University, CZ
    Anette Nielsen Freelancer writer