• About 3DGI

    Centre for 3D GeoInformation (3DGI) is a research center at Aalborg University, Department of Development and Planning, which has been established as a European regional development fund project for a period from 2001 till 2011. The centre has decided to continue its efforts within 3D Geoinformation, and there is no date of termination.

    3DGI’s mission is to strengthen capacities for research and technological development in the field of geographic information science (geoinformatics) by two principal means.

    1. Conduct state-of-the-art research and development in 3D geo-visualization information technology including definition and creation of 3D model-map content.
    2. Provide a cutting edge training to students and produce creative, self-sufficient and ethically enlightened specialists in geoinformatics with a balanced foundation for both commercial and scientific carrier.

    We seek projects that demand or can benefit from

    • 3D (geo)visualization in a context of indoor and outdoor structures, cities, roads, landscape features, entire planet,
    • Geo-visual presentation/publication of data/information on the Internet for communication or artistic purposes,
    • Providing information portals based on interactive geo-visualization, e.g. for administrative purposes or social networks,
    • Installation of a (geo)visualization display facility,
    • or other application from our broad field of expertise.

    We want to attract students interested in geoinformatics

    • master education,
    • semester projects,
    • PhD projects.

    GRIFIN Technology
    Since the inauguration of the centre in 2001 we wanted to create the world as an interactive 3D model. A platform for applications for monitoring, simulation and analysis within a 3D urban or rural environment. Jan Kolar started the development of GRIFIN in 2006 as a new attempt of this goal.
    Please go her for an article published in the Vector 1 online magazine explaining the background and motivation for GRIFIN.